KitCopter Urraca FE

KitCopter Urraca FE

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The Urraca FE model is a frame with a size of 195 mm. Having undergone multiple improvements over the years we currently present one of the most compact and resistant chassis on the market thanks to its design and unique quality of carbon fiber, 3K in all layers.

It is compatible with 30.5x30.5 mm and 20x20 mm stacks. The canopy included with the frame is designed for "micro" and "nano" format cameras. Changing an arm is very easy and fast, the nuts integrated in the lower sandwich, the two screws with a shokethead head that holds each arm, located external to the frame, it is not necessary to disassemble any part of the chassis.

Frame Content:

- 4x arms, thickness 4 mm.

- Sandwich, bottom plate 3 mm, top plate 3 mm.

- Canopy (available in white, red, black, blue, green).

- 2x Standoff M3x20.

- 6x M3x9mm screws.

- 8x screws M3x12 shocket head.

- 2x M3 autolock nuts.

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