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The most advanced 5.8GHz Video Transmitter available today. Only 4 grams, and a slender 31 x 20mm, the TrampHV is also the smallest direct LiPo-powered vTx in the business. 

Supporting touch-free 'TNR' wands, for low inter-heat times, and full Tx configuration with a bright OLED display.

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TFR4SB is Compatible with FASST 2.4G: Air Systems (7CH Mode/Multi Mode) & Surface Systems (C1 Mode) Finally an affordable S.Bus receiver. Not only is it affordable, but we offer improved sensitivity and stability for better communications with your transmitter. Don’t let the lower prices fool you, we are putting out some of the world’s best R/C radio today.

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• Top pilots’ choice for racing. Max.thrust improves by 10%(1.8KG+) for explosive flight. A furious symphony ripping in the sky
• New cool apperance with improved durability
• Hurtling without concern of thread damage from crash

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Defy Gravity With This Exciting IFTRON Circularly Polarized Exclusive! Say ‘Hi’ to Vitenna©. No more antenna mounting and aiming hassles! We’ve designed Vitenna© with a special, gooseneck coax. The gooseneck supports the antenna all by itself. Just tighten the connector onto your receiver SMA and then bend the stem to aim Vitenna as you wish…and it stays put by itself! What could be simpler and easier?