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The Mini Power Hub has been engineered to provide the highest possible performance and reliability in a 36*36mm and 4 layer PCB. The Hub distributes power from a battery pack to 4 ESCs, as well as, providing synchronized and regulated DC outputs for powering camera’s, servos, video transmitters, LEDs, etc. Batteries may range from 3S to 6S LiPoly. The hub also features convenient solder bridge of various voltage for camera and video TX.

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The Matek PDB-XPW is a power distribution board with punch and is designed for X frames. It will take input from 3S to 5S Lipo batteries which are ideal for Racing Drones. Power is provided to four ESCs and it is regulated and synchronized 5V DC and linear regulated 12V DC for all your gear such as Flight Controllers, cameras, video transmitters, RC receivers, LEDs, etc.