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We are an online store where we sell all kinds of products and components for drones, especially racing drones and FPV systems for the flight and piloting of this machines.

Maxterdrone started in 2015 being a school of assembly and piloting of all types of drones, where we designed all types of chassis for courses with the KitCopter brand. The client's demand led us to focus on the import and distribution of the necessary components for the hobby and competition of racing drones, with Maxterdrone being born at the beginning of 2016.

Since then we have worked with the best brands, being only possible thanks to the customers that demand the components of brands with a good reputation, having the security that when completing the order what will get you home is something that It will give a good result.

Also many times we trust the manufacturers when they recommend new products to us, running the risk to bring components that are not known very well, but being of the first ones in working with the last novelties. We know the risks that this entails and before any problem we always lose ourselves to our clients giving them a satisfactory answer to their complaints and we will treat the problem with the manufacturer since we can take better advantage of the close relationship and the direct contact we have with them.

Since 2017 we started to support even more this hobby and competition, sponsoring with all the necessary components Carlos J Gomez Carril, better known by his nickname
"Fastun Crack", so that he always has ready his racing drones to train and go to the national and international competitions. In November 2018 he was part of the Spanish national team to participate in the 1st World Drone Championships. This gives us a more direct contact with the competition and the people of the hobby, as well as giving more visibility by creating content, photos and videos.

In Maxterdrone we do not stop acquiring new challenges year after year, the main one being customer service and attention care, without forgetting the importance of offering the best possible price in all our products.

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Our most sincere thanks to all those who trust

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