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Designed to handle both cinematic and freestyle flying, Master 5 V2 with great Deadcat geometry, places the flight controller closer to the center of gravity than other DC frames

The innovative anti-vibration stack structure dampens the effect from motor noise on the gyro, offering a stabilized running environment.Averaging 1.5 screws per arm, the quick release structure makes assembly and disassembly easily

Honeycomb-shaped aluminum alloy CNC drone head ensures better strength and look, with H-FOV 130° section, drone head gets larger field of view.Furthermore, the incorporated DJI O3 Air Unit also supports ND filters and changeable side plate mounting.


The Speedy Bee TX800 is compact, high-efficiency video transmitter, offering a variable power output from 25mW up to 800mW and including a Pit Mode. It has IRC Tramp support for easy setting changes remotely via FC control, or you can use a simple push button on the VTX if you prefer. The transmitter only measures 28x28mm in size and is perfect in a stack with 20x20mm M2 mounting holes. The TX800 has a MMCX antenna connection, but it also includes a SMA pigtail adapter and a dipole whip antenna.