8-axis 30L PRO

8-axis 30L PRO

Drone specialized in agricultural tasks. The drone comes assembled and ready to fly, with a carrying case included as well a controller, battery and charger. An Android mobile or tablet is required to be able to use all the functions of the drone. We offer long-term support and spare parts.

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High quality intelligent agricultural drone with 8 axis rotor and removable tank and seed spreading system. The model of the 30L drone is an efficient 8-rotor drone plant protection. It can effectively reduce the cost of labor and significantly improve work efficiency. Compared with the traditional manual spraying operation, the use of such a drone can reduce the labor intensity of workers and prevent workers from inhaling pesticide particles.


  1. Turn home automatically when run out of liquid in tank.
  2. Continue to spraying from that broken point after re-fill liquid.
  3. Turn home automatically when lower power warning.
  4. Continue to spraying from that broken point after replace batteries.
  5. Imitation flight.
  6. Climb inclined field or hill.
  7. Avoid obstacle.
  8. U-turn function.
  9. Platform monitoring function.
  10. Route storage, call, real-time backsupervision.
  11. Route sharing, mutual transmission function.


  1. Rack + spray (including: chassis, tripod, arm tube, nozzle, water tank, water pump, water pipe, joint, etc.)
  2. Hobbywing X8 Upgraded Power Package * 8
  3. JIYI K3A pro flight controller * 1 set
  4. Skydroid T12 remote control + three-body camera (night navigation light + camera + image transmission) * 1 set
  5. TATTU 14S 22000mah plug-in 3.0 battery * 1
  6. SkyRC PC1500 charger * 1
  7. Tools * 1 set (tools * 4, charging conversion cables * 2)


  • Wheelbase (mm): 1900mm.
  • Specifications (mm): Folding 1008*942*730mm. Unfolded (without propeller) 1800*1800*730mm.
  • Arm diameter: 50 to 40mm.
  • Weight (without battery): 25KG.
  • Load: 30L.
  • Flight speed: 0-10m/s.
  • Spray width: 6-8m.
  • Maximum take-off weight: >65kg.
  • Flight control system: Jiyi K3A PRO.
  • Power system: Hobbywing X8 upgraded version.
  • Maximum water pump pressure: 1MPA.
  • Spray system: pressure spray system, 12 extension rod pressure sprayheads.
  • Spray flow: 0.8-10.0L/min adjustable.
  • Operational efficiency: 20-30mu/sort.
  • Flight time: 10-20min (normal spraying time).
  • Remote control distance: 1000 meters - 2000 meters.
  • Case color: yellow/red/blue.