We will add all the doubts or information that our clients have asked or have asked us and also that which we believe we should include in this section to better inform everyone about how we work.

1) We do not have a physical store. We have a warehouse in Madrid where we work with the product in stock. + info

2) We have the most up-to-date stock in the store, but sometimes it is difficult or impossible for us to have it exact until the last unit. When the product is in "In Stock" (A sign with a green background next to the product title) you can be 99% sure that we will send it to you the next day. In the event that there has been an error, we will contact the customer to offer an alternative or a partial or full refund in less than 24 hours. In the event that "In reserve" appears (A sign with a khaki background under the product title), the product is not in stock at 99% safe. There are also times that the opposite may occur, that it puts "In reserve" and we really have a unit in stock, due to a return or error and not having updated the database correctly. In this second case, the product can also be added to the cart and finalize the order. This does not ensure that we will replenish the stock of this product, in which case we will inform the customer as soon as possible to offer an alternative or a partial or full refund. It is not a financing or marketing technique, it is simply to streamline work and offer more possibilities to our clients.

3) We have different forms of communication. Any of them with the maximum attention and with the least possible delay in the response. The official possibilities are: by call, by whatsapp, by the contact form or by email. + info

4) The payment methods available are by Paypal, credit card, cash on delivery (in some shipping methods), bank transfer and cash if the collection is by hand. We take care of the Paypal and credit card commissions. When you pay by Paypal and cash on delivery, you pay the commission charged to us for making use of this service.

5) We only work with the shipping methods offered on the web. We do not earn anything on shipping, we charge the customer exactly the same amount that the transport companies charge us. If you have any recommendation from other carriers for quality, costs or services, do not hesitate to advise us at Right now we work with Correos, Seur and MRW with multiple modalities with different prices and shipping times, with the option of home delivery or office collection.